1296: Approval of the establishment of the General Directorate of Agriculture and Trade in the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce and Public Works.

1301: Establishment of the Farming Elementary School and Rural Industries.

1308: Establishment of a locust disposal office under the Ministry of Public Works.

1310: Commencement of spraying operations and chemical control against pests by purchasing the necessary equipment and supplies.

1313: Declaration of fight against cicada, date mite, and pests of fruit trees as well as other crops as the main policy of pest control.

1314: Concluding a contract with the former Soviet Union to cooperate in the fight against plant pests and diseases- The law regulating the import of seeds and other plant parts from abroad, and the establishment of the Plant Health Inspection Office in the General Department of Agriculture of Tehran Province.

1322: Using Dozang phosphorus toxin in controlling the outbreak of Mughan rats in Mughan plain- Using the experiences of Russian experts.

1325: Approval of bylaws and regulations of plant quarantine by delegation of ministers.

1326: Iran's first official presence at the locust pest control conference in Baghdad- Iran's membership in the World Food Organization (FAO) - Establishment of the General Directorate of Investigations.

1329: Approval of the law on financing locusts control in the amount of 40 million Rials for the first time independently.

1330 -1331: Sending official pest control experts to Saudi Arabia to help fight locusts- Establishment of the General Department of Plant Protection in the Ministry of Agriculture.

1337: Formation of air spraying battalion in the Ministry of General Directorate of Plant Pest Control.

1343: Iran's membership in the World Committee for combating desert locusts (DLCC) - Iran's membership in the Locust Control Commission in the Southwest Asia.

1344: Prevalence of prickly cotton worm in Iran.

1345: Outbreak of prickly cotton worm in Iran.

1346: Approval of the law of formation and executive regulations of the Plant Protection Organization as an independent organization in the Ministry of Agriculture.

1347: Transferring of aerial spraying unit as a specialized unit to the plant protection organization- Holding the first seminar on pest control and plant quarantine in the Plant Protection Organization. (These seminars were held annually until 2004).

1351: Formation of an air technical department in the Plant Protection Organization to supervise aerial spraying operations- Membership and acceptance of the first treaty of the International Convention on Plant Protection- Announcement of the first organization of the Plant Protection Organization. (Two deputies, 8 parts and 23 departments).

1356: Holding the last plant protection seminar before the Islamic Revolution. (This seminar was not held in 1978).

1358: Holding the first plant protection seminar in the years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

1359: Creation and establishment of a special aviation services company to supervise aerial spraying operations.

1373: Reformation of the Plant Protection Organization (two deputies, 7 managements and 11 groups).

1377: Renewed Reformation of the Plant Protection Organization (two deputies, 8 managements and 18 groups).

1378: Approval of changing the age of wheat pest from general pest to public pest.

1386: Renewed reformation of the Plant Protection Organization (three deputies, 9 managements) - Eliminating subsidies for pesticides and making these credits available to the Plant Protection Organization by exchanging agreements with relevant institutions.

1387: Organizational promotion of provincial units of plant protection to plant protection management, under the Jihad Agricultural Organization of the provinces.

1392: Upgrading the organization's headquarters.

1393: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Southwest Asia Locust Committee with the focus on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

1393-1394: Holding annual plant protection seminars; seminars 35 and 36.
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