Department of Management and Resources Development:

Preparing, organizing and compiling short, medium and long-term plans of the organization with the cooperation and coordination of the organization's deputy in accordance with policies and programs of the agricultural sector, and following up and supporting of programs until the stage of approval and notification.

Supervising the preparation and arrangement of the credit agreement required by the organization within the framework of the notified laws and instructions with the cooperation and participation of the affiliated units and its defense in the relevant authorities until the stage of approval and notification.

Supervising the notification of the allocation quota of each unit.

Continuous monitoring of the use of funds approved within the framework of the budget law and issued instructions.

Evaluating plans and activities and analyzing activities performed and making necessary amendments or submitting new proposals, in the supplementary programs and plans, to the relevant authorities and following them up until final approval.

Carrying out necessary studies and regarding improving the methods of preparing and arranging annual programs, plans and budgets.

Carrying out necessary studies on methods and processes as well as organizational structure of the organization; Identifying weaknesses and structural barriers and proposing its amendments to relevant authorities.

Carrying out the necessary studies and surveys on the indicators and methods of optimizing the activities of the organization.

Supervise the preparation and compilation of performance reports on the implementation and progress of programs, plans, projects, problems and failures to be presented and reflected to the head of the organization and other authorities.
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