Monitoring pest-free or low-pest areas and protection and provision of health and safety of endangered areas.

Taking the necessary measures to monitor and adopt effective measures to prevent the spread and entry of pests and plant products into the country and promoting appropriate measures to control them.

Carrying out the necessary planning to monitor the spread of pests and plant products from cultivated areas. (Land, agricultural fields, orchards, gardens, greenhouses, laboratories etc.), Packaging workshops, containers, objects or materials and any other organism, as well as agricultural products and plant products available in warehouses or in transit with the aim of:  Reporting the occurrence, prevalence and spread of pests, and pest control.

Supervision of items subject to moving regulations in international traffic to the extent that they enjoy plant health conditions.

Carrying out the necessary planning in order to monitor the areas at the risk and identification, and maintain pest-free areas and areas with low pest prevalence.

Supervision of plant health measures for quarantine and non-quarantine pests in order to comply with international standards.

Plant hygiene measures to reduce interference with international plant trade and plant products.

Supervising the issuance of licenses for the clearance of agricultural products and plant products from the country's customs.

Carrying out the necessary planning in order to monitor the prohibition of the entry of any agricultural soil, potted soil, clay and sand alone or with plant reproductive organs in order to prevent the entry of pests in the soil.

Supervising the issuance of licenses for pest control centers and prevent the continuation of the activities of unlicensed institutions and companies through legal authorities.

Carrying out the necessary planning to monitor the extermination of plants or licensed imported seeds that are recognized infected with quarantine pests and diseases during the growth of a plant.

Monitoring of health and technical guidelines for controlling plant pests and diseases for private sector institutions, which directly or indirectly cultivate, produce and maintain agricultural products and plant products.

Taking the necessary measures in order to establish coordination between the affiliated units regarding conducting scientific studies, obtaining results and notifying the operational units.

Supervising the proper implementation of the tasks assigned to the relevant units, in order to evaluate the results and quantitatively and qualitatively measure the progress or stagnation in the implementation of plans and programs, and performing the most desirable method.

Supervising programs and plans related to pest detection and activities of the center and regional laboratories.

Supervision of private phytosanitary laboratories.

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