Hossein Ranjbar Aghdam

Organization Head

Master of Plant Protection


Coordinating to communicate with the media, news agencies and other relevant authorities and presenting news and scientific events of the organization in order be announced in written and electronic way.

Preparing and sending reports on the occurrence of diseases and the performance of joint projects to international and regional organizations and doing the related work.

Establishing and strengthening international relations through reciprocal relations with target specialized organizations at the international level abroad.

Following up on matters related to the international relations of managers and employees in overseas dispatches and performing the necessary formalities for reciprocal international visits.


Public relations:

Following up on the correspondence of the Islamic parliament members, state officials and the answering to them.

Cooperation and coordination within and outside the organization in line with organizational programs and goals.

Establishing a proper relationship between the client and the employees and managers of the organization.

Cooperation and coordination with universities, educational and research institutes in plant protection matters.

Responding and following up on customer problems and requests through a survey form.

Planning and necessary coordination for the missions of the managers of the organization to the provinces
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